Artkeyology is an art subscription box for kids that includes everything you need to create your own masterpiece! Each box includes an art historical info sheet, step by step instructions, and all the art supplies you need in addition to links to a video tutorial and websites for further study. You can order single boxes to pick and choose the subjects you want to explore or order a three, six, or twelve month subscription to save money and keep a new art adventure coming each month.

Our philosophy

At Artkeyology we believe that every artwork is unique, just like every artist! You won't find any cookie cutter craft projects in our boxes, just quality art instruction with lots of room for creativity and individual expression. Each box is unique and features an ever changing array of materials and techniques. We are committed to providing a wide variety of high quality art materials in our subscription boxes. All children have the ability to create beautiful works of art and express themselves creatively. As Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Explore the world through art history

Understanding the art of different time periods and cultures can give a broad perspective and greater understanding of history, geography and anthropology. Each Artkeyology box will take you to a different time and place as we explore art and artists from all over the world! Artkeyology is perfect for homeschoolers or families who are passionate about art and world studies.

Created by a homeschool mom and art educator

Artkeyology was created by a homeschool mom with a masters in art education. We aim to provide an exciting art adventure that educates and inspires children with a love of art history. Each Artkeyology box comes with access to exclusive video content including a guided video tutorial that takes you through the projects step by step.

“Love this art box! Not my strong suit in our homeschooling, and this has taken the headache out of planning. My kids (7 and 11) loved it, and we will be purchasing a multi-month subscription! It provided a great springboard to further explore the artist and style, too.”

- Annie

“The girls had nothing but compliments about this whole kit. The quality of the materials was great, the variety of paint colors was perfect for the project, it really includes everything you need down to the paint pallette.”

- Rachel